A one-time development fee of $750 is due and payable to Shallowford Lakes Association for the construction of a new residence on any undeveloped lot deed-attached to Shallowford Lakes. This fee is due upon receipt of the resident’s certificate of occupancy.

The annual assessment on each developed property for maintenance of the common areas, administration of the association, and insurance is currently $250 (which is applied fiscally from 10/1 through 9/30).

The property values of the Shallowford Lakes neighborhood are protected from devaluation by restrictive covenants. Please download and read the general covenants.

Please note that the details of covenants vary according to where you live in Shallowford Lakes (the development was “built out” over time). The covenants applicable to your Section are part of your deed and are binding.

Click on the section of your developed property to read details of the specific covenants that apply to your property.



Common areas, including the lakes, are maintained for the use and enjoyment of all residents.

More details can be provided by any Board member; a list with contact phones is on this site.