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NEIGHBORHOOD membership form 2018 (for Shallowford Lakes Home Owners only)

PUBLIC membership form 2018

Special Note:
This membership is to be used only for those families that plan to use the pool for swim team practice/events ONLY. Access to the Shallowford Lakes Pool during normal hours when the swim team is not practicing will not be allowed. Please select a FAMILY MEMBERSHIP to gain unlimited access to our pool for the summer.


The Shallowford Lakes Homeowners Association offers a discount on pool membership rates to the members of the Association in good standing. If your annual homeowner dues are not current, you will not qualify for the discounted rate. Public Rates are offered for families, couples and individuals who are not members of the Shallowford Lakes Homeowners Association. (Residents of homes within the physical boundary of the neighborhood, but are not members of the Homeowners Association do not qualify for the discounted rates.)

Membership Options
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Be sure to read the details below to select the right membership type for you!

Membership Type SLA Homeowners Public Rates

3 or more people
A family is defined as individuals who reside in the same household. (Extended family members, such as cousins, for example, must purchase a separate membership since they do not reside full-time in the same household)

$220 $400

2 adults (18 years of age or older)

$120 $200

1 adult (18 years of age or older)

$100 $150
Family Swim Team Only:

3 or more people family pool membership with limited privileges only during swim team practice and scheduled team events/activities. (If a Swim Team Only Family Member attends the pool outside of swim team events/activities, they will be required to pay daily guest fees per person)

$110 $200
Guest Fees:

per person/per day
Guest must be accompanied by a member of the pool. Shallowford Lakes Residents cannot be guests of the pool.

$5 $5

Swim Team Fees: You must first purchase a pool membership before you are eligible to join the Shallowford Lakes swim team. Swim team fees are mailed separately to the Swim Team Treasurer: Stephen Hall 7270 Shadowridge Drive, Lewisville, NC 27023. Please make swim team checks payable to: Shallowford Lakes Swim Team.