Pool Parties

Pool Party Rules


Pool parties at Shallowford Lakes Pool shall be held during normal hours of operation from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Our primary objective is to provide an atmosphere of fun and safety.  To ensure the safety of all guests, an additional life guard may have to be hired depending upon the number of party guests.  The cost of the additional life guard is included in the fees stated below.

The sponsoring member is responsible for the behavior of all guests.       The following fees and conditions apply.

  1. A master calendar schedule will be maintained for all parties. To make a party reservation, please contact Linda Skarzynski @ either 336-406-9070 or lskarzynski@triadradiology.com.  Your party date will be confirmed after fees have been received.  Fees may be paid by check or via PayPal.
  1. Fees are as follows for the 2017 Pool Season.
  • Up to 10 guests $   75
  • Up to 20 guests $ 125
  • Over 20 guests $ 200
  1. The white tent area at the rear of the pool deck will be reserved for parties. Only one party will be booked for a specified time period.
  1. The amount of time booked for a party may not exceed 2 hours.
  1. Member is responsible for cleaning up party area of all trash, spills, etc.

Click here to view and download copy of the pool party rules

Click here to view and download copy of the pool party form